Leadership development requires more than skills and competencies; there is also a need for the vital yet elusive qualities of ethical and moral character, the ability to act, concern for the greater good, and the need for humility. 

The coaching I provide:

  • Helps build authentic and outstanding leaders that can transform both individual and organisational effectiveness.
  • Supports leaders to align their sense of life purpose, meaning and values with those of the systems that they lead and serve. 
  • Develops leaders to find the ground within themselves to be deeply authentic, transparent and able to stand in the wind of challenge and criticism; to be a transforming influencer in complex and changing cultures. This personal ground enables leaders to create and sustain culture based on humanity, integrity and transparency.
For leaders, professionals or individuals looking to understand and improve themselves I would thoroughly recommend Jon’s coaching.

Jon has a great ability to interpret, appreciate and unlock your greater potential. His ability to work with me as an individual, to create a safe environment in which he we could work and to challenge my thinking in that environment enabled a strong level of trust and positive momentum in a relative short period of time.
— P. Hatherley – General Manager, Materials Solutions – A Siemens Business


5DL is customised to your needs as an individual leader in the context of your role and organisation. My service is confidential and delivered to professionally accredited standards. Sessions work towards immediate goals whilst simultaneously developing the 5 dimensions of leadership, (5DL Five Dimensions of Leadership, Roger H Evans 2017). This enables the leader to better deliver in all and future objectives.

The 5DL's are:

  • 1DL The ability to self reflect - self-awareness.
  • 2DL Awareness of one’s impact on others, understanding their difference and their group dynamics.
  • 3DL The ability to consistently see the whole picture and the dynamics between the ‘part and the whole’. The art of ‘thinking systemically’ and understanding system forces.
  • 4DL Individual freedom (free will) to both make clear decisions and then to drive delivery in the face of resistance “to be blown in the wind, to bend but to stand firm”.
  • 5DL The ability to ask for appropriate help and support – internally and externally to the organisation.


Coaching is in 6-session sets working with an overall goal and a related smaller goal for each individual session. Sessions are fortnightly or monthly. I am available face-to-face throughout the UK or online. My fees are structured according to the current market rates. 


I have over 10 years’ experience working with leadership and people development in small and large organisations. I specialise in supporting senior leaders and their development in times of significant change. 

I have worked with organisations such as Babcock Marine and Technology, Thales Group, BG Group, Morrison Utilities, BAE, Airbus, Rolls-Royce, National Grid, Sellafield, Britvic, Siemens.

I help others find the personal freedom to actualise their goals and those of the organisations they serve. I am interested in who you are most essentially and recognises that fulfilling potential often involves letting go of limiting identifications and mindsets - this happens when the whole person is present and in action.



I trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London where I graduated with a master’s degree in Psychosynthesis Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in Leadership and Organisational Coaching. I am in continuous professional development.



I provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for people from a diverse range of social and cultural backgrounds. I ensure the highest possible standards of practice through regular commitment to my own supervision as well as to ongoing professional and personal development. I carry professional indemnity insurance.